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 One Machine
- CSKB- Electronic Weighing Machine
- CSKS- Opening Machine
- CSDC- Bulk Mixing Machine
- CSGM- Vibration Feeder
- CSSL- I Double Cylinder Double Doffer Card
- CSSL- I I Double Cylinder Double Doffer Card
- CSPW-Net Laying Machine
- CSWR-Feeding Device
- CSZC-High Speed Needle Punching Machine
- CSZC-Medium Speed Needle Machine
- CSZC-Raising Needle Machine
- CSDX-Special Shaping Machine For Automobiles Sound Insulation Felt
- CSDX-Hard Cotton Wadding Shaping Machine
- CSDX-Amplitude Modulation Unit
- CSSJ-Hard Cotton Tracking mobiles Coiling Machine
- CSZQ-6000gHard Cotton Slitter
- CSHM-Five Roller Automatic Mixing Machine
- CSGM-Upright High Elastic Cotton
- CSTP-Ironing Machine
- CSCJ-Roll Forming Machine
- CSQL-Air Forming Machine
- CSKS-Scrap Opening Machine
- CSKS-With The Line Edge Opening Machine
- CSJM-Vacuum Clamping Machine
- CS-Touch Screen Operation Cabinet
- CS-Electric Box
- WZSX- Ectopic Puncture Machine
- WZXC- Barbed Machine
- WZYC- Pre Needling Machine
 Main Production Line
- CS-Needle Punched Nonwoven Production Line
- CS-Down Like Cotton Penjiaomian Production Line
- CS-Hard Cotton, Non-woven Fabric Production Line
- CS-Bedding Production Line
- CS-The Speed Of Needling Production Line
- CS-Fabric Of Synthetic Leather Production Line
- CS-Wide Geotextile Production Line
- CS-Acupuncture Leather Fabric Production Line
- CS-Potted Flower And Wood Fiber Production Line
- CS-Automobiles Sound Insulation Felt Production Line
- CS-Car Rim Opening Soundproof Blanket Packing Production Line
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WZYC-250Pre Needling Machine

Mechanical specifications
Needle plate implant density 3000-7000 needle /m
Production speed 1-8m/min
Acupuncture frequency 850-1300c/min
Dynamic range 40-60mm
Production width 1.6-8m
Product use
Applicable to the production of all kinds of needle punched non-woven products.
Mechanical characteristics
1 advanced design concepts, reasonable selection of materials and precision machining. The use of high-quality steel welding and annealing stereotypes and aging treatment.
2 the structure of the whole machine is reasonable and easy to maintain and easy to maintain. The spindle box and the needle beam adopt integral design to ensure the synchronization of the needle plate.
3 the use of imported bearings and machine by a unique dynamic balancing treatment, the machine running at high speed, no vibration, vibration, noise and low heat. Workshop without special ground treatment.
4 automatic lubrication system and the use of a unique push rod group seat structure and the use of imported linear oil seal, to ensure that the main shaft and push the stalk for a long time without oil leakage. At the same time, the temperature control system is used to adjust the oil temperature.
5 the machine adopts the stable lifting system, and the lifting device for supporting the stripper plate can be synchronously and smoothly lifted during the working process, and the axial and radial movement of the screw rod is not ensured.
6 the precise mechanical parameter display, not only in the control cabinet can control and display the depth of acupuncture, needle width, W La frequency of feeding line speed and step by step, acupuncture density, but also in the machine is designed with a ruler support bed needling depth synchronization, stripping screen synchronization pin the width of the scale, to maintain the accuracy of process parameters.
7 machine uses the feed system of weaving layer drafting small, small deformation, tilt stripping screen design, make cloth smooth, small pinhole. The thickness of woven mesh layer can automatically feed, without the guide cloth.
The 8 needle plate adopts the messy cloth needle, the small gap between the two needles is small.
9 the machine is designed to have the oil pressure loss protection alarm device, which can be used to limit the "crash" device, as well as the safety protection device of the transmission parts and so on.

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